Corporate Chaplaincy


Missions trips, special events, anything is possible when team building and helping others is the focus!

Chaplaincy by definition "a member of the clergy, or lay representative of a religious group, attached or working with a secular institution such as a hospital, prison, business, etc..."

  • The success of chaplaincy is in relationship building. Our chaplains will have three things in common. 
    • They will love God. 
    • They will love people. 
    • They will love helping the people God puts in our pathway. 
  • After an initial group introduction, normally led by the Human Resources Department or upper management, a designated Serving Fit Chaplain will begin making weekly or biweekly visits (per agreed upon contract) to begin building relationships. The process takes time, but usually begins with short individual introductions with staff. If the contract allows Chaplains to help with light, non technical duties, relationship building begins while working with employees. Other times on: 
    • breaks, 
    • lunches together 
    • private pre-scheduled individual session with chaplain
    • company group meetings 
    • fitness or other special events.
  • The ultimate success of chaplaincy is upon discovering the chaplain to be trustworthy, genuine and compassionate. A friendship develops, and the opportunity for real help begins.


Corporate Leader, let's talk Chaplaincy!

Contact us today to discuss the benefits of Chaplaincy for your company and what we feel Serving Fit can provide for you and your employees.