Serving Fit Chaplaincy

Chaplaincy, more than you think!

Chaplaincy, more than you think!

Chaplaincy, more than you think!


What does it look like for my Company to have a Serving Fit Chaplain on site? 

Chaplaincy by definition "a member of the clergy, or lay representative of a religious group, attached or working with a secular institution such as a hospital, prison, business, etc..." 

The success of chaplaincy is in relationship building. Relationships either build trust or a wall of defense. Our chaplains will have three things in common. 

  1. They will love God
  2. They will love people. 
  3. They will love helping the people God puts in our pathway

After an initial group introduction, normally led by the Human Resources Department or upper management, a designated Serving Fit Chaplain will begin making weekly or biweekly visits (per agreed upon contract) to begin building relationships. The process takes time, but usually begins with short individual introductions with staff. If the contract allows Chaplains to help with light, non technical duties, relationship building begins while working with employees. Other times on breaks, lunches together, company group meetings, or special events. 

Then, the domino effect begins to surface. It starts with one discovering the chaplain to be trustworthy, genuine and compassionate. A friendship develops, and the opportunity for real help begins. 

The Benefits

Chaplaincy, more than you think!

Chaplaincy, more than you think!


"All of this is for your benefit. And as God's grace reaches more and more people, there will be a great thanksgiving, and God will receive more and more glory." 2 Corinthians 4:15

We believe hiring the services of a Serving Fit Chaplain will pay huge benefits to the individuals we touch, and the companies we serve. What benefits are those? 

First and foremost is a spiritual influence, though it might be one of the last things we discuss, it will no doubt be the most important influence of any Serving Fit Chaplain. 

Corporate America has a larger, more consistent population than all church groups or denominations combined across our country. Having a chaplain on site in no way replaces the need for church attendance, but in some small way, it brings the impact & discipline of church life to the market place. Studies show, only a small percentage (compared to the whole) of Americans attend church on a regular basis, though the numbers are high. However, most Americans work on a regular basis to earn a living, and most work 5-6 days a week. It's what we for our living. 

Benefits include having a genuine independent spiritual influence on site, the possibility for a more peaceful, less stressful work environment, help with marriage challenges, personal financial struggles, and advice & help with physical fitness & nutritional programming. 

The Investment

Chaplaincy, more than you think!

Description of Services


"Wherever your treasure is, there the desires of your heart will also be." Matthew 6:21

It's been said by financial & budgeting experts, "show me your check register and I'll show you where your heart leans the most". 

People were the target of the greatest investment ever recorded in history. Out of genuine love for people, God sent his son into the world to be punished, and to pay the ultimate cost of the sins of mankind, so sinful people like you and I could have a relationship with God and have eternal life. Now that's an investment for the ages! 

More companies are investing in additional benefits today, including counselor services, and results are proving the investment is worth it, and widely used. 

Hiring a Serving Fit Chaplain as an added benefit to your employee benefit package makes sense. Having the availability of a chaplain could reduce the stress of the employee having to pay for these services outside the workplace. The investment is worth it when the benefits begin to pay off,  costing very little per employee / per month, depending on contractual details, including size of company and number of chaplain visits per month. 

Description of Services

Let us answer your questions!

Description of Services


Individual & group counseling to participating employees (all staff).

Chaplains will be available to most any situation related to one's family, including, but not limited to; death or nearing death of a loved one, situations and crisis moments involving children, finances and physical health problems that may or may not involve hospital visits.

Physical fitness events/activities can be included for individuals or a group of employees upon request. Activities led by a Certified Personal Trainer. (Additional hours per week would need to be considered and approved).

Recommendations of 3rd party Nutrition Coaches are available upon request. (Additional 3rd party cost to employee if used)

Around the clock accessibility of a designated Serving Fit Chaplain in the event of a medical or family emergency.

Interaction with upper management to help with team building exercises/events.

Work with Human Resources Department and/or upper level management to build trust and confidence with staff

Special events, such as weddings and funerals are not included in this service agreement, but can be provided on an individual basis directly with participating employee. 

Despise not small beginnings

Let us answer your questions!

Let us answer your questions!


Everything has a beginning...except God, who always was, and always will be. Serving Fit Corporate Chaplaincy is just beginning, and we couldn't be more excited about our future. The vision has existed for years. The details are just coming together, and that's what gives us the greatest feeling, knowing God has used the events of our lives from birth to present to bring this ministry into fruition.


Serving Fit Owner & President, David Summerlin, has an extensive background and experience working in the professional environment of Corporate America, with a specific emphasis in Accounting, Bookkeeping, Training & Chaplaincy. Working bi-vocational throughout his career, he also has many years of experience in clergy/ministry related positions since beginning to preach in 1986. Positions include; Lead Pastor for two start up churches, Youth Pastor, High School Athletic Director & Varsity Coach, as well as, 14 years of prison ministry experience. He is not only confident and willing, but passionate to use that experience to provide the right kind of services to companies with the intention to inspire, encourage, and teach healthy disciplines that affect individuals family, fitness & finances, with a desire and hope that a conversation will lead to a discussion about faith. 

Let us answer your questions!

Let us answer your questions!

Let us answer your questions!


To learn more, and to talk with a Serving Fit Staff member about  bringing our Chaplaincy program to your company.