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Our Pastors - Larry & Debbie Emerson, North Central Church

Larry & Debbie Emerson - Lead Pastors, North Central Church

In December 2018, my wife Debbie had a sudden and unexpected heart episode that put her in the hospital overnight. It was a wake-up call that made us to realize that we needed to take more seriously our health and fitness. As a result, we reached out to David & Gayla Summerlin, with Serving Fit, for guidance and direction, and they were wonderful. Not only did they meet with us to offer help and support, but they also set Debbie up with a weekly fitness program that was challenging and fun, and the results have been amazing. Each day you are doing something different, from cardio to free-weights to bodyweight exercises. It's a great blend and variety of fitness exercises that targets all the muscle groups and keeps you interested. We cannot say enough good things about David and Gayla and Serving Fit. They have been a tremendous blessing to us, answering all of our questions with knowledge and encouragement, and keeping us accountable with grace. Since December 2018, Debbie has not had another heart-episode and today she is active, running, exercising, and stronger than she's ever been. We are so appreciative to David and Gayla for investing in our health and fitness. And if getting healthy is important to you so you can remain active and strong, then Serving Fit with David and Gayla Summerlin is who I would recommend. 

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