Vision & Purpose


What is Serving Fit?

Is it a gym, a ministry, a business, or just a series of positive messages for people interested in getting physically fit?" It's all the above and much more.

The Vision began

The vision came several years ago while pastoring our second church. I specifically began to feel the need to teach on "Serving God Fit", teaching the disciplines of living strong, healthy lives in our faith, family, fitness and finances. After several life changing experiences in my own life, I went on a mission to help others that I knew were battling in the same areas, whether financially or physically, which both contribute to the decline of the family. 

The Problem

In today's society, people seem to have the same answer when asked "How are you doing?"....Great! That's the most common answer you get from the average person today, but that's not really the true condition of many, if not most people's lives. Stress in the home, at work, at school, and social stress across our country, and world, are common for most families today. Health issues at an all time high, the costs of health care itself rising from year to year, are all taking a toll on the family unit. Not to mention, moderate, to serious financial struggles, including rising debt, and in many cases causing major disruptions in families leading to unfaithfulness, lack of communication, children struggling at school, struggles in the workplace, and even the destruction of the entire family unit ending in divorce. A tragedy and challenge for future generations, if an answer is not found. We feel, we have a solution with Serving Fit.

The Solution

It was once said "what one generation does in moderation, the next will do in excess", and that's exactly what has happened over the years of most, if not, every individual that's ever lived, or is still living. We believe Serving Fit can, and will provide simple solutions to each of the 4 core areas, of faith, family, fitness & finances, that have the potential to change entire family trees, leaving a legacy that future generations can build upon. However, most of these issues will continue, until we build upon a new & stronger foundation, beginning with our faith in Jesus. 

How we intend to reach our market

  • Church Services, Marriage Conferences, Small & Large Group Leadership trainings.
  • Public speaking at Community Events.
  • Corporate Chaplaincy Program (Developing)
  • Social media, blogs, online communications.
  • Sponsored Fitness Events (Developing)
  • Gym for Individual & Small Group Fitness Training
  • Individual & Small Group Financial Training 

Contact Us

We would love to come speak at your next event, Church Service, Corporate meeting, or just to you! If you have questions, and need answers, contact us today!